The brief

A fantastic school with great facilities, Vinehall already had in place a set of five characters to support reception learning. However, whilst the characters were proving to be very successful, their image was sometimes hard to relate to and lacked consistency in execution. Vinehall needed five characters to be developed into own-able illustrations. Gulp set about illustrating new ones.

Once the characters were established, Gulp designed a set of 9 record books for 3 age bands, to aid the pupils’ learning journey and to help keep track of their individual achievements as they move through the school.


  • Character illustration
  • Set of nine student books


Nine books for three age bands.

Vinehall School


Gulp spent a great deal of time getting to know the existing characters and how they were used throughout the early years of schooling. Once this was understood, we set about developing and illustrating new characters to relate sympathetically to the existing animals but to provide a more consistent and appealing style to help students to relate. Once these were established, Gulp designed a set of nine books: one for all students in reception introducing the animals, then a slightly older feeling set of four one for each “house” used by the middle years and then finally a more grown up approach (with no animal characters) for the final set of four for the final years (to age 13). The books and characters have been a great success.

Reception years

Characterful + friendly books for those early years.

Vinehall School

An introduction to the characters.

Vinehall School


A place for comments and rewards.

Vinehall School

School, scary?

Nope, not any more.

Vinehall School

The middle years

Books for those middle years, fewer character appearances.

Vinehall School

What the client says

“The house books are being so well used and loved – it’s been fantastic. They are really loving them and staff are finding them so useful too… it’s made a huge impact to all we do here, so thank you so much for them!”

Vinehall School

All grown up

Designs for the older pupils.

Vinehall School


Familiar graphics reflecting established processes and traditions.

Vinehall School