The brief

The Khalili Brothers wanted a logo to tastefully represent the company partnership. They also wanted a website to showcase their investments and philanthropic interests.


Website with restricted access

The Solution

Covering such a wide spectrum of output, the logo was developed around the company name initials. A classic serif font was chosen and redrawn to join the letters together suggesting a strong bond between the brothers.

For the website, Gulp designed and developed a corporate look and feel with a suitably engaging amount of animation to provide personality and elevate the site from competitors. Movement comes from the animated svg logo on the home page through to the way the content loads on scroll. The site is of course responsive and comes with its own content management system.

Home page

For the home page we created an animated svg version of the logo and sat this behind the introduction, immediately drawing the eye and delivering an insight into the thinking behind the company.

Khalili Brothers


This a huge part of what the brothers do. Specifically nature and conservation, the brothers have been working on a number of projects over the past decade some of which are featured on the site.

Khalili Brothers


NFT Collection pages are restricted and so are only available to select users. They provide further information on the brothers’ unique collection.

Khalili Brothers


Part of the solution was to design a page that could list a selection of investments in a serious but engaging way. A simple grid layout and mouseover animation solved this with white logos only and links out to investment sites.


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Khalili Brothers

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