The brief

To design and develop a website to promote a boxing fitness gym in the heart of Mayfair, London. The site needed to tell the story, showcase stunning images of real people and provide an easy to use booking system.


  • Website


Adaptive site delivering an optimal layout whichever device you choose to view it on.

JAB Boxing

The solution

A clean, high energy finish was achieved here. The JAB Boxing site needed to deliver on functionality making the user experience when booking a spot with one of their experienced coaches as fast as possible. Of course, there’s also plenty of info about – the history, the story behind the founders and who the coaches are – ready when you want it.

Booking is simple, Gulp suggested and then consequently teamed up with ZingFit to integrate and deliver the booking system. This provides a ‘room’ view allowing the user to ‘pick a spot’ (choose exactly where they’ll stand for the session).

Mobile view

Content layout and text size is auto adjusted for mobile devices.

JAB Boxing


Meet them all before you book.

JAB Boxing

Colour palette

Clouty yellow with a strong blue.

JAB Boxing

Full site

Visit the site to book your session!

JAB Boxing