Blue Forest Rebrand

The brief

To redesign the Blue Forest logo to provide a stronger more contemporary solution with brand development that would work across the board covering print, web and social media.


  • Logo
  • Brand development
  • Stationery suite
  • Digital brochures
  • Presentation folder

Where it began

As ever, ideas were discussed, explored and rejected before we came to the winner. We wanted to create something that Blue Forest could truly own. To achieve this it had to be unique, link to the trees but have depth behind the thinking.

Blue Forest Rebrand

The Solution

Following many sketches we developed the idea of covertly using the Blue Forest initials combined with tree sketches to create a hybrid stylised deciduous/coniferous tree.

Rotating the ‘F’ 180 degrees and angling the Arms created branch like bars on the left. Sitting this back to back with the letter ‘B’ so the letters shared the stem worked perfectly. The F representing a coniferous tree, the B creating a deciduous tree.


Final logo shown printed in white ink on beautiful G.F. Smith dark blue stock.


Blue Forest Rebrand


The logo slotted perfectly into the new website with the icon itself working well as a social media identifier/avatar.

Blue Forest Rebrand


Following logo approval, we designed and produced a full stationery suite covering 600gsm business cards (with burnt-into-wood logo on the back), compliment slips, letterheads and a presentation folder printed in white ink at the same size as the oversized brochures.

Blue Forest Rebrand


The two existing brochures were then redeveloped following the now established brand rules. One for corporate clients and one for private clients.

Blue Forest Rebrand

Inside pages

Content has been refreshed with newer projects and brand rules applied throughout. These can be downloaded from the Blue Forest website.

Blue Forest Rebrand

What next?

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