The brief

Gasoline Media are a PR company specialising in a complete range of communications services for the AV/Entertainment technology industries. They needed a strong energetic web presence to really shout about what they do.



The solution

Their established logo already used a brilliant orange. Gulp expanded on this to introduce shades around their core colour to then provide vibrant orange vignettes as a main site background colour. Dynamics and motion were always going to feature heavily in the site to help convey the energy Gasoline bring to their clients. This coupled with large powerful headlines in a contemporary typeface delivers the message with confidence and reflects the unique approach they were looking for.

Gasoline Media

Design development

As part of the design process, Gulp designed and illustrated a gas cap to carry their established logo through the site. We decided on an illustrative approach as opposed to retouching photography. This helped to remove it from a potential association with petrol and provides a vehicle (excuse the pun) to carry the logo in a more dynamic way.

Gasoline Media

Point of difference

To add another dimension to the site we designed in horizontal parallaxing for some areas and ‘load on scroll’ content to create a sense of movement and dynamics. Bespoke, bright and bold statements in huge letters immediately define key subjects covered within the site.

Gasoline Media

Timeline & Services

Gasoline is a company that’s been around since 2000. They wanted to show this in a way that was more interesting than a regular timeline. Plus with this much history, it needed to be condensed so users were presented with just a few years and a choice to see more. Selecting a year loads content in a smooth and dynamic way. The same mechanism is also used for the Services page content.

Take a look

Gasoline Media

Mobile Experience

Slightly simplified for mobile, some of the animation function is reduced to improve load times. The site is of course responsive with elements working slightly differently on mobile devices to provide the best user experience across the board.

Gasoline Media

What they said

When we contacted Gulp about designing a new website for us, we didn’t have any real idea of what we wanted. They took the time to get to know us and what our company does and came up with some great concepts. We think the final result is stunning and we really appreciate their professionalism and patience throughout the process. We really couldn’t have asked for better!

Sarah James, Director, Gasoline Media