Coleman Anderson Architects

The brief

Coleman Anderson Architects wanted a pack that set them above the competition. A pack they could leave behind with potential clients, one that would suggest the high values and superior service provided.


Establish colours & typefaces
Redesign stationery
Design portfolio style pack
Branded pack envelopes
Printed materials
Interactive PDFs


The Solution

We started by establishing colours. Their existing website used a cyan highlight which we suggested could be brought more into the foreground. This combined with the introduction of a strong, dark slate grey provides an authoritative contrast for the updated branding.


Coleman Anderson Architects

Client Pack

Once colours and stationery were established, Gulp Creative went on to design and produce a suite of literature including an ‘about’ booklet, a general overview and individual case study inserts. All items are then contained neatly within a branded envelope.

Coleman Anderson Architects


Part of our design process is selecting the right paper to ensure it delivers the right feel. This is carefully considered with the aim of subconsciously giving the prospective client a true representation of the service they are considering. In this case, a feeling of quality, confirming that this is a high-end service.

Gulp Creative chose a rough to the touch, uncoated stock that provides that feeling of quality reflecting the high standard of work Coleman Anderson provide.

Coleman Anderson Architects

Printed material

Equal to selecting the right stock is the quality of the printing. For this project we decided on digital print with a fine screen ruling to help ensure image edges and typography remain crisp and precise, and photos show as much detail as possible.

This meant ultimately the pack itself is truly reflective of Coleman Anderson Architects’ attention to detail and quality of service.

Coleman Anderson Architects

Interactive PDF

Coleman Anderson Architects also really wanted to simplify how they explain what’s included in their offering (and what’s not). Gulp designed and produced a PDF listing everything available. Blue ticks show the items included, tickable fields allow the client to choose optional extras, then save and email back the form.

What next?

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