The Brief

Gulp were briefed to deliver an image based concept and strapline for BAP Pharma to better support their established logo. Following agreement on direction we got busy and created a wealth of collateral to promote this new look and feel.


Branded concept imagery
3D animation
Promotional video
Note books
Pull-up banners
PowerPoint presentation template
Wall canvases

The Solution

BAP Pharma deal with some of the largest pharma companies in the world, their image needed to better sit along site their client’s brands. In essence BAP supply the world with drugs for clinical based trials. The concept was to picture this literally. To take an image of the world and package it up into familiar blister packs and vials. This imagery sitting alongside the new ‘Trusted to supply the world for clinical trials’ strapline both supports the concept and provides a memorable reference.

BAP Pharma

Supporting imagery

Branded blister packs ‘out of the box’.

BAP Pharma

3D Video

Gulp also created this nifty little video to appear on the BAP website and in their reception area.

The process here begins with storyboarding. Then we go about creating the assets including the 3D rendering of the globes, vial and liquid within. Once we have everything in place, we animate to bring it all to life.

Following the design and creation of a 3D rendered vial video, Gulp then went on to design and develop a new website for BAP Pharma incorporating the video, front and centre on the home page.

Take a look

BAP Pharma

Note books

Everyone loves a note book! Note books with personalised cover and internal pages were produced and provided for distribution.

BAP Pharma

PowerPoint Presentation

We also went on to design icons and create a PowerPoint template (specifying fonts and colours into a BAP theme) for use and (re-use) as required.

BAP Pharma

What next?

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